The resolutions I think you should make this new year.

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As we enter into another nationwide lockdown, perhaps this year, our new year resolutions are more important than ever.

Here are my thoughts on the New Year resolutions you should be making to help tackle the latest lockdown. 

1.Understand that any resolutions you make, you need to be able to commit to them in the long term.

If you’ve set some big physical goals for this year, then great! Don’t let this lockdown stop you. But understand that long lasting change with your body comes with long lasting habits.

When starting an exercise programme, pick one that is suitable for your current fitness levels and not the latest pro-athlete routine that will have you crumpled in a heap by end of day 1 and needing 5 days recovery. You have time! Use it.

If you have any injuries, or any aches and pains, see a physio or a trainer that has the qualifications to help. Incorrect training will often exasperate these problems, which will hinder your progress in the long term. Address what needs to be addressed first, and results will come quicker.

Be honest with yourself with all of these points. It will save you time, pain and money in the long run.

2. Dedicate between 20-60 mins every day for your body.

One thing that lockdown inevitably does is throw us off our routine, which in terms of improving strength, fitness and overall health, can be a disaster. Building strong habits is the ket to achieving those goals. With that in mind, set yourself the target of dedicating between 20 and 60 mins per day to work on your body and try to make this a routine. 

This could be as long as a 60 min training session, or it could be as short as 20 mins of mobility and core work. Whatever it is, cultivating the daily habit of working on and improving your body will pay dividends over the course of the year and your lifetime. 

Make this time each day a priority.

3. Find someone who can help.

The one thing we are not short of is fitness information on how to get fit, strong and lose weight. The difficulty is that we are drowning in it, and it’s often difficult to make sense of it. Especially when a lot of it seems to be contradictory.

My advice is to find a qualified, recommended trainer who can help guide you and help you achieve your goals. 

4. Guys – do more mobility. Girls – lift more weights.

In my experience, nearly all men would benefit by spending more time mobilizing and moving their body, and women would benefit from lifting more weights.

Guys – understand that improved mobility will lead to a reduction in injury risk, improved performance and better posture. This means faster results, and looking better with and without your shirt on.

Girls – lifting weights will not make you big and bulky. It will however make you strong and lean! Lifting weights will get you to the body you want, and not utilizing them is a huge mistake.

5. My number one tip this new year for weight loss. 

It’s easy during these difficult times to eat more than you usually would. If you’re trying to lose weight, remember that calories matter – and tracking them is a sure fire way of managing them. Once you can track and manage them, it’s a simple step to creating a deficit and losing weight on a consistent basis. My biggest tip this new year? Sign up to Carbon Diet Coach. You can use it to track your calories and it will coach you how to manipulate them to achieve your goals. It’s a STEAL at £9.99 a month, and a life saver during lockdown. 

Final thoughts

As we enter into a third nationwide lockdown, it’s very easy to fall back into bad habits. Social media is already full of people saying how much of a bad idea dry Jan was, and I’m sure many will have given up on the idea already!

Now more than ever, our health is so important. So if you enjoy a few drinks, limit it to a few on the weekend where it won’t have any negative health effects and trigger other bad eating habits. 

Don’t let this lockdown derail your health goals. 

Use this lockdown period to get healthy, eat well, and stay positive!

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