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James Farmer

James is a chartered Physiotherapist and personal trainer with over 15 years of experience. He helps people who are fearful of previous injuries build a strong, lean and resilient body.


James’s unique skill set and approach to personal training have made him one of the most sought after trainers in London.


His client base includes royalty, professional athletes in a range of sports such as cycling, tennis, golf and Formula 4, as well as medal-winning Olympians, actors, actresses and pop stars.


Matt Smith Cover

Matt Smith

“Training with James  was amazing – he got me into great condition even when time was against us!”

Jessie J

“I started working with James to recover from my broken ankle – but he also got me into INSANE shape”

Frederic Lubin

Frederick Lubin

“Working with James has been a game changer. He has my 100% trust and is an intricate part of my Formula 3 team.”

Sophie Turner

“Training with James for X-Men made me feel more positive about my body, I feel stronger, and I can do more.”

Florence Welch

“James got me ready for the physical demands of a 2 year world tour. I cant thank him enough”

Where this started..

“I worked in private practice for over 10 years where I helped thousands of people recover from all types of injury.


I grew frustrated that there was no clear guidance or help for people who not only wanted to recover from injury, but wanted to continue to get stronger, leaner and fitter and push their bodies beyond what they had done before.


Clients would be apprehensive about embarking on a personal training programme given their history of injury or lack of activity, and I felt that most trainers lacked the experience or education required to help.”



“I bridge the gap between physical rehabilitation and personal training, helping clients get into shape whilst addressing previous injuries and weaknesses.”

James has appeared on ITV as their on screen fitness expert, and is the only person to have appeared on the front cover of Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and GQ active in the same year.

“All my clients have one thing in common – they drastically underestimate what their body is capable of.  I am here to help my clients not only reclaim their health, but give them confidence in what their body can do and in the way it can look!”

Now is the time to address injuries or aches and pains, reclaim your health, and get into shape. The longer you leave it, the harder it will become. And it will never be easier than right now. So lets get you started…


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