Day Four

Complete exercise A then exercise B with no rest in between. Then rest 60 seconds, and repeat that for a total of 3 times. 

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A: Hollow Rocks x20

Breathe out through pursed lips on the way up. 

Keep arms extended by your ears, legs extended with toes pointed.

Keep the same body position throughout – the aim is connect upper and lower body with your core so they move in unison. 

This is a progression from the Hollow Hold on day 2. So if you are finding this too challenging, replace with the Hollow Hold. 

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B: Mountain Sliders x8 total in each direction

There are 3 directions shown in this video – straight, to the opposite side elbow underneath, and to the same side elbow to the outside. 

Keep your back straight and still throughout. 

Breathe out through pursed lips as you bring the knee in. 



If you have any questions about either of these exercises, send me a message below and I’ll get back to you asap.